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Jul 28, 2023·edited Jul 28, 2023

I don't make a habit of posting the same comment to more than one Substacks, but this comment to Robert Reich's forum on the averted UPS strike seems to the point here too, perhaps as a cautionary tale. (The weekly was Vere Harmsworth's Soho News, then run by a husband-and-wife editor and publisher. Joe Conason reported in the Voice on one of those informational picket lines.) —diane f / nyc

The NLRB ruled against a national union-busting law firm and declared our quaint little in-house unit a full-fledged union. Our grievances never tempted us to strike, but we formed an occasional informational picket line. UPS never crossed a one of them. I've had a soft spot for UPS and the NLRB ever since. The weekly paper we unionized folded, not because of anything the union did, but because of the big bucks management squandered fighting its formation. Their poor judgment was the very thing that had motivated us to unionize.

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